Setting alerts

Setting your own custom alerts on TradingView

How to set alerts?

Setting up alerts is very helpful! All our indicators allow you to add alerts for buy and sell signals. These alerts go straight to your phone or any other device, notifying you when certain conditions are met or when a buy or sell signal occurs. Here we briefly explain how to add an “alert” to your indicator with just a few clicks.

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How to:

1. Point to the current indicator, then click on the “More” icon (three dots) to the right and select “Add Alert” from the menu. You can also click on the “Alerts” icon ⏰ in the sidebar and then click “Create Alert” – or press [Alt] + [A] key.

2. A “Create Alert” window will appear for your current instrument and timeframe.

3. The Condition setting specifies our alert condition. The pull-down menu specifies what the alert should be based on and the type. Here you select the indicator for which you want to set the alert and then choose the alert signal (“Buy” or “Sell” / “Long” or “Short”). You can also choose different built-in alert conditions such as; “Crossing”, “Greater than”, etc.

4. The next part of the “Create Alert” window is the ‘Options’ setting. You generally want to select “Once Per Bar Close” so the alert is triggered only once each time its condition is met at the bar’s close.

5. Set the Expiration time and Alert actions and adjust the Message if you want, then press “Create”.

6. Your alert has now been created for the selected chart/symbol, indictor and timeframe. You have to make an alert for each signal (Buy and Sell).

7. You will find all your alerts on the “Alert” list. Click the “Alerts” icon ⏰ (alarm clock) on the right sidebar. Here you can manage your alerts (stop, restart, edit, and delete).